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Naya Snake “Blood Ties” (R)

This story has earned its place despite the slightly rough writing because of the mere genius of its epic scope. The writer takes a few liberties with the plot and the Harry Potter universe that may annoy you at first, but which you will quickly become accustomed to as she transforms them into an epic universe of her own with an intriguing plot, inspiring battles, prophecies and a good old growing-into-your-shoes story. Let me warn you though that Harry is just a secondary character here (and I mean it!) with a larger-than-life Snape holding the reigns. And don’t let the floundering POVs or slightly amateur writing distract you either. This is a story you will find yourself unable to stop reading after a couple of chapters.

Summary: Severitus with a twist. Harry’s a vampire, Lily was a Dark witch, James was a bastard and Lucius breaks into Voldemort’s office… And Snape doesn’t want to reveal the truth!

Find it at: FanFiction.Net

Excerpt: He doesn’t know himself how he gets to the kitchens.

“Dobby!” – he bellows. “Dobby!”

“Sir?” House elves look at him with overt fear. Why are they gaping at him like that?

“Meat, quick!” – orders one of them and the others bring him a big plate of beef as quickly as they can. He doesn’t even bother with a knife or a fork. The meat isn’t baked long enough but he doesn’t care. He’s so hungry, he must eat!

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My first instinct every time I come across a story that begins with a miraculously appearing letter on the night of Harry’s 16th birthday is to run like hell the other way. In this particular case, the smart writing managed to keep me going just out of curiosity for how things will turn out. And it was well worth it. From the realistic character reactions to the cleverly humorous lines, from the satisfyingly IC letter from James and Lily (and here you will discover a pureblood James Potter exactly as he might have been) to the subsequent magical theories, everything screams of a well-planned plot and talented writing. Not to mention its length, which was enough to satisfy even a greedy creature such as myself. So go on, go take a look!

Summary: Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it’s wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate — or love.

Find it at: Schnoogle or Potions&Snitches or FanFiction.Net

Excerpt: “As the boy’s father, you are his proper guardian, as far as I am concerned. We cannot make that legal, now, of course, but I will grant you the measure of control I gave Sirius, and I expect you, considering your geographic proximity, to be more of a day-to-day influence on Harry.”

Harry and Snape eyed each other apprehensively. Harry thought Snape looked as distressed as he felt.

“Have you gone mad?” Snape hissed. Harry had to admit to a similar thought. “I am totally unsuited to the keeping of a pet rat, never mind a boy!”

“Severus, Harry is sixteen. He is largely self-sufficient.”

“Just think,” Harry contributed perversely. “You can’t be worse than my last guardians.”

“Can’t I?” Snape threatened.

GatewayGirl “Blood Magic” (R)

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