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LdDurham “Indago” (NC-17)

In the HP fanverse there is a unique category of fics termed “Creature fics”. And Indago is perhaps one of the best among them. There is something in the way LdDurham describes Harry, Draco and Snape as captive to their Indago natures that makes this story compelling and hot as hell. Plus, the writing is fabulous and the plot will keep you glued to your seats as the story evolves through its sequels to form an all around complete legacy. Be forewarned though, things get ugly before they get pretty and be sure to check the story warnings, since there are several.

Summary: A missed potion reveals a secret about Draco and Snape and Harry finds out his own place in their sexually charged and animalistic hold. Will he be able to adjust to this final battle for a peaceful life?

Find it at: Skyehawke 
Sequel “Indago Reborn”: Skyehawke 
Sequel “Indago 3”: Skyehawke  

Excerpt: “Why now?” Hermione challenged in exasperation. “Why now, all of a sudden, did Draco start showing signs of being a rare magical being?” She said the last in a sarcastic tone.

“Because of a tiny insect that hadn’t the decency to favor carrots.”

All eyes turned towards the potions master. The black eyes moved to Hermione and pierced her where she stood.

“Draco has been given a potion of my making that inhibits his instincts since he was a small child. But, due to a hoard of insects that destroyed the vital ingredient, I am unable to make it. I will be unable to do so for another thirteen weeks when the next crop is expected.”

“So then Harry only has to go away for three or so months and then Draco will be back on his potion?” Hermione asked with hope.

“I’m not going back on the potion,” Draco stated. “I’ve never felt more alive.”

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anal_cram_ink “The Boy Who Lived a Bit” (NC-17)

Not as dark as many of my favorites, but a delight to read nevertheless. Despite this being the author’s opening debut in what seems to be a promising career in fanfiction, it ranks among the best. Snape is experienced, decisive and knows what he wants; just the way I like him. Harry too is his usual exuberant-but-less-than-experienced self, but not so much as to call him a child. All my favorite characters so wonderfully IC that I felt like cheering while I was reading it. This is one of those stories that you read not for the sake of its plot, but for the simple joy of flowing dialogs, witty comebacks and toe-wriggling slash.

 Summary (The Boy Who Lived a Bit): Post-Hogwarts, though the War still rages. Harry is holed up at 12 Grimmauld Place with Lupin as his primary protector. Some of the best distractions in these days are provided by one Severus Snape.
Summary (Care of Magical Teenageers): The War is finally over. Now Severus and Harry have yet another battle before them – how to carry on their relationship when the whole world wants to marry Harry Potter.

 Find it at: WalkingThePlank or LiveJournal
Sequel “Wrong on So Many Levels”: WalkingThePlank
Sequel “Care of Magical Teenagers”: WalkingThePlank 
or LiveJournal

Excerpt: ‘Potter! As delightful as this intimate little chat of ours has been, I think you would do well to remember to whom you are speaking and attempt a modicum of propriety!’

‘Says the man who just accused me of being knee deep in cunt!’

Snape’s black eyes flashed. ‘Potter,’ he said slowly, with a menacing look, ‘Are you flirting with me?’

A delighted giggle was all that answered Snape before five-foot-ten of former student plonked itself into his lap and attached itself to his face. Soft lips crushed hard against his mouth as surprisingly strong arms wound their way around his neck, a hand buried somewhere in his hair. Dear gods, teenaged manboy squirming in his lap! Swiping at him with its tongue!

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