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miggy “Ouroboros” (PG-13)

I cannot recommend this enough. A slytherin!Harry story so realistic in its inevitably dark turn that feels like a kick to the face. The writer explores the true ramifications of Harry being sorted into Slytherin and thus being left vulnerable to the machinations of one Draco Malfoy, but more importantly those of his father. What would truly happen if the neglected boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs was nurtured in an environment that promotes ambition and emotional manipulations instead of friendship and courage? No secretly super-friendly Draco here, nor no-matter-what-happens-inherently-good Harry. People are beings with emotions and needs after all. A chilling and geniously written story that explores the darker moods we get a glimpse of in canon Harry and will shock you with its conclusion. A must-read.

Summary: This is a story about Harry and Draco, written for the_eros_affair, a H/D community. But it did not turn out a romance in any sense of the word. I was writing to the prompt: “Harry to Draco: I promise to play rough.”

Find it at: LiveJournal

Excerpt: “Oh, look,” Pansy sing-songs. “Wave back to your friend, Harry.”

Harry sees Hagrid waving hesitantly to him from his place at the head table. His face flushes when the students around him start prompting him to say hello to Hagrid, his best friend Hagrid. He looks down and doesn’t wave back.

Pansy leans back, satisfied. “Well, now that is better, Potter. We’ll just break you of talking with mudbloods and you might not be an embarrassment at all.”

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LdDurham “Indago” (NC-17)

In the HP fanverse there is a unique category of fics termed “Creature fics”. And Indago is perhaps one of the best among them. There is something in the way LdDurham describes Harry, Draco and Snape as captive to their Indago natures that makes this story compelling and hot as hell. Plus, the writing is fabulous and the plot will keep you glued to your seats as the story evolves through its sequels to form an all around complete legacy. Be forewarned though, things get ugly before they get pretty and be sure to check the story warnings, since there are several.

Summary: A missed potion reveals a secret about Draco and Snape and Harry finds out his own place in their sexually charged and animalistic hold. Will he be able to adjust to this final battle for a peaceful life?

Find it at: Skyehawke 
Sequel “Indago Reborn”: Skyehawke 
Sequel “Indago 3”: Skyehawke  

Excerpt: “Why now?” Hermione challenged in exasperation. “Why now, all of a sudden, did Draco start showing signs of being a rare magical being?” She said the last in a sarcastic tone.

“Because of a tiny insect that hadn’t the decency to favor carrots.”

All eyes turned towards the potions master. The black eyes moved to Hermione and pierced her where she stood.

“Draco has been given a potion of my making that inhibits his instincts since he was a small child. But, due to a hoard of insects that destroyed the vital ingredient, I am unable to make it. I will be unable to do so for another thirteen weeks when the next crop is expected.”

“So then Harry only has to go away for three or so months and then Draco will be back on his potion?” Hermione asked with hope.

“I’m not going back on the potion,” Draco stated. “I’ve never felt more alive.”

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Naya Snake “Blood Ties” (R)

This story has earned its place despite the slightly rough writing because of the mere genius of its epic scope. The writer takes a few liberties with the plot and the Harry Potter universe that may annoy you at first, but which you will quickly become accustomed to as she transforms them into an epic universe of her own with an intriguing plot, inspiring battles, prophecies and a good old growing-into-your-shoes story. Let me warn you though that Harry is just a secondary character here (and I mean it!) with a larger-than-life Snape holding the reigns. And don’t let the floundering POVs or slightly amateur writing distract you either. This is a story you will find yourself unable to stop reading after a couple of chapters.

Summary: Severitus with a twist. Harry’s a vampire, Lily was a Dark witch, James was a bastard and Lucius breaks into Voldemort’s office… And Snape doesn’t want to reveal the truth!

Find it at: FanFiction.Net

Excerpt: He doesn’t know himself how he gets to the kitchens.

“Dobby!” – he bellows. “Dobby!”

“Sir?” House elves look at him with overt fear. Why are they gaping at him like that?

“Meat, quick!” – orders one of them and the others bring him a big plate of beef as quickly as they can. He doesn’t even bother with a knife or a fork. The meat isn’t baked long enough but he doesn’t care. He’s so hungry, he must eat!

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Teka Lynn “Clipped Wings” (R)

Not an epic as such, nor a novel to keep my greedy nature satisfied, but different enough to pique my interest. It’s dark, haunted and twisted, and you’ll love every minute of it. The author opens your eyes into a world where the wizards have been exposed and Muggles took matters into their own hands by terminating most of them and removing all magical abilities from the rest. Harry, now known as Harry Dursley, is one of the very few that managed to go into hiding. So, he wanders through his meaningless life in a guilty haze until one day he comes across an auction block of “trained” wizard servants. And there he sees none other than Severus Snape.

Summary: After catastrophe, Harry deals with survivor’s guilt and finds hope for himself and others.

Find it at: Author’s Site

Excerpt: He heard a faint, low hissing sound, some murmurs. “Not that one again,” someone said close by Harry. “They’ve got to know he won’t find a buyer for love or money.”

Harry glanced over to see a ginger-haired youth scrutinizing the potential servant, and was reminded, with a momentary, wrenching pang, of Ron. Though Ron’s expression had never held that cold, cynical look. “How’s that?” Harry asked as casually as he could.

“Well, it’s his fourth time back, isn’t it?” the boy said. “He always gets snapped up right away then gets brought back in a few weeks. Looks all right, but they say he’s a trouble-maker. He’s probably been dosed up with his own medications–they say he’s tried to kill his previous masters with poison, but they couldn’t prove anything on him, just sent him back to get re-educated.”

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anal_cram_ink “The Boy Who Lived a Bit” (NC-17)

Not as dark as many of my favorites, but a delight to read nevertheless. Despite this being the author’s opening debut in what seems to be a promising career in fanfiction, it ranks among the best. Snape is experienced, decisive and knows what he wants; just the way I like him. Harry too is his usual exuberant-but-less-than-experienced self, but not so much as to call him a child. All my favorite characters so wonderfully IC that I felt like cheering while I was reading it. This is one of those stories that you read not for the sake of its plot, but for the simple joy of flowing dialogs, witty comebacks and toe-wriggling slash.

 Summary (The Boy Who Lived a Bit): Post-Hogwarts, though the War still rages. Harry is holed up at 12 Grimmauld Place with Lupin as his primary protector. Some of the best distractions in these days are provided by one Severus Snape.
Summary (Care of Magical Teenageers): The War is finally over. Now Severus and Harry have yet another battle before them – how to carry on their relationship when the whole world wants to marry Harry Potter.

 Find it at: WalkingThePlank or LiveJournal
Sequel “Wrong on So Many Levels”: WalkingThePlank
Sequel “Care of Magical Teenagers”: WalkingThePlank 
or LiveJournal

Excerpt: ‘Potter! As delightful as this intimate little chat of ours has been, I think you would do well to remember to whom you are speaking and attempt a modicum of propriety!’

‘Says the man who just accused me of being knee deep in cunt!’

Snape’s black eyes flashed. ‘Potter,’ he said slowly, with a menacing look, ‘Are you flirting with me?’

A delighted giggle was all that answered Snape before five-foot-ten of former student plonked itself into his lap and attached itself to his face. Soft lips crushed hard against his mouth as surprisingly strong arms wound their way around his neck, a hand buried somewhere in his hair. Dear gods, teenaged manboy squirming in his lap! Swiping at him with its tongue!

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Professor McKitten “Different Worlds” (NC-17)

To be honest, I’m not reccing this story so much for the author’s sheer writing talent, as for its unique plot idea. This is the kind of story that slowly builds a world that draws you in and then keeps you there till the very end. On one hand, Draco Malfoy has spent the last five years in the strict clutches of all-boys Durmstrang Academy. But given the circumstances surrounding Lucius Malfoy’s death, Madame Malfoy takes the iniative to transfer her son to Hogwarts. On the other hand, Harry Potter discovers his true inclinations in a rather traumatizing way. Some parts angst, even more parts fluff. Mild OOCness (I can never really get used to a ‘nice’ Draco), but a pleasant read all the same.

Summary: AU-Draco is sent to Durmstrang for the first five years of his schooling. How ever does he and Harry end up together?

Find it at: TheHexFiles

Excerpt: “Harry, what the fuck?” Ron asked as his friend sucked his bleeding knuckles.
“He said he, he, he” Harry sputtered, staring at Travis and growing visibly angry again. Several girls squealed as he attempted to rise and go after the injured boy again. Ron held him firmly in place.
“What Harry?” Hermione asked gently, trying to calm him down.
Harry did not answer, only continued to stare at Travis as Professor Sprout got him to his feet and led him towards the hospital wing. He looked down at Harry, sitting on the floor between Hermione and Ron as he passed. “I told him I fucked Draco,” he said smugly.
Once again, Harry lunged with a chilling roar. “I’ll fucking kill you!” he yelled after Travis, who was laughing loudly over his shoulder at the murderous Gryffindor.


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GatewayGirl “Snakes and Lions” (R)

I have to admit I wasn’t certain in which category this story belongs. I had half a mind to classify it as gen, since most of it mainly focuses on the budding friendship between Harry and Draco, and their unexpected bouts of rebellion as a protest to their respective fates. Still, I thought the mild slash in the end was enough to put it here. However, you will enjoy this story more as a  general foray into the twisted and unreadable minds of one Draco Malfoy and one Harry Potter as they discover that they can have more in common than they ever thought. <grin> Enjoy!

Summary: When Ron and Hermione get together, they notice only each other. A nightmare prompts Harry to return alone to the empty Chamber of Secrets, and leads to a new look at an old enemy. Harry enjoys the company, but with Lestrange actively hunting him, how far can he trust a Death Eater’s son? (H/D — mostly friendship, progressing to mild slash) Sixth year. Rated R for unseemly behavior (drinking, stealing, and Dark Arts), occasional cursing (the non-magical sort), and off-screen violence.

Find it at: Schnoogle or TheArchive or FanFiction.Net

Excerpt: “I’ve seen their bar.” Hermione couldn’t repress a quirk of her lip at the thought of the bottles cooling in the water. She snorted. “This would be a lot less painful if Draco had a modicum of nerve.”


“As everyone but Harry knows, Draco is smitten with Harry –“

“What?! You have got to be having me on! Malfoy?”

Hermione looked irritated. “As everyone but Harry and a few of the more clueless boys know, Draco is smitten with Harry, but he has never bothered tosay so. And Harry is practically in your class when it comes to ignoring hints.”

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