miggy “Ouroboros” (PG-13)

30 Aug

I cannot recommend this enough. A slytherin!Harry story so realistic in its inevitably dark turn that feels like a kick to the face. The writer explores the true ramifications of Harry being sorted into Slytherin and thus being left vulnerable to the machinations of one Draco Malfoy, but more importantly those of his father. What would truly happen if the neglected boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs was nurtured in an environment that promotes ambition and emotional manipulations instead of friendship and courage? No secretly super-friendly Draco here, nor no-matter-what-happens-inherently-good Harry. People are beings with emotions and needs after all. A chilling and geniously written story that explores the darker moods we get a glimpse of in canon Harry and will shock you with its conclusion. A must-read.

Summary: This is a story about Harry and Draco, written for the_eros_affair, a H/D community. But it did not turn out a romance in any sense of the word. I was writing to the prompt: “Harry to Draco: I promise to play rough.”

Find it at: LiveJournal

Excerpt: “Oh, look,” Pansy sing-songs. “Wave back to your friend, Harry.”

Harry sees Hagrid waving hesitantly to him from his place at the head table. His face flushes when the students around him start prompting him to say hello to Hagrid, his best friend Hagrid. He looks down and doesn’t wave back.

Pansy leans back, satisfied. “Well, now that is better, Potter. We’ll just break you of talking with mudbloods and you might not be an embarrassment at all.”

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