MrsHamill & others “Riding the Wheel of If” (NC-17)

12 Aug

There are no words to describe this story. In fact, the word “story” alone is not enough to describe it. This is an epic creation of equally epic length that will keep you company for several days (even for those voraceous bookworms such as myself that can gobble down a couple hundred pages in a single afternoon) and which you simply cannot put aside until it’s done in any case. It’s hot, it’s heart-rending, it’s fluffy, it’s dark and disturbing, it’s funny, it’s parody and then it just is. It embodies everything that made the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan pairing popular and then some. A must-read for every Star Wars slasher out there.

Summary: Qui is dead, and in building a new lightsaber Obi accidentally finds a way to move to different realities, where he discovers many strange and wondrous things in his quest to be with his beloved Master again.

Find it at: Author’s Site 

Excerpt: Obi-Wan continued to kneel, his mind a whirlpool of pain and anger that frightened him in its Darkness. For the first time in his life he truly doubted the inherent goodness of the Force. What was it all for, the death, the suffering? Every second, billions of beings were born, and billions more winked out of existence, most of them never knowing for what purpose they lived and loved and perished. And not just in this reality, but countless, infinite realities, in countless galaxies, sweating and bleeding and dying, their lives like specks of sand being ground by a merciless, indifferent tide. In one “If,” the Jedi brought peace and justice to the galaxy. In another “If,” the Sith exterminated all life on Coruscant. The Force didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Perhaps this was “balance.” Or perhaps the Force really didn’t care where Obi-Wan went, what he did. Perhaps it was all some sort of cruel, cosmic joke. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight: a speck of sand in the tide, thinking himself so important that the Force itself would send him careening between worlds just to find a lover and a little happiness.

He laughed bitterly. He had been a fool.

“You would only be a fool if you never had doubts.”

The soft, deep voice startled him out of his brooding. He looked up to see Qui-Gon standing over him, his hands folded in the sleeves of a dark brown robe. Light from the ceaseless traffic in Coruscant’s night sky reflected off the Master’s face, giving him an ethereal glow. Except for the short hair and stubble, he might have been Obi-Wan’s own Master, come to him from beyond the grave. He drew in a shuddering breath.

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