GatewayGirl “Snakes and Lions” (R)

11 Aug

I have to admit I wasn’t certain in which category this story belongs. I had half a mind to classify it as gen, since most of it mainly focuses on the budding friendship between Harry and Draco, and their unexpected bouts of rebellion as a protest to their respective fates. Still, I thought the mild slash in the end was enough to put it here. However, you will enjoy this story more as a  general foray into the twisted and unreadable minds of one Draco Malfoy and one Harry Potter as they discover that they can have more in common than they ever thought. <grin> Enjoy!

Summary: When Ron and Hermione get together, they notice only each other. A nightmare prompts Harry to return alone to the empty Chamber of Secrets, and leads to a new look at an old enemy. Harry enjoys the company, but with Lestrange actively hunting him, how far can he trust a Death Eater’s son? (H/D — mostly friendship, progressing to mild slash) Sixth year. Rated R for unseemly behavior (drinking, stealing, and Dark Arts), occasional cursing (the non-magical sort), and off-screen violence.

Find it at: Schnoogle or TheArchive or FanFiction.Net

Excerpt: “I’ve seen their bar.” Hermione couldn’t repress a quirk of her lip at the thought of the bottles cooling in the water. She snorted. “This would be a lot less painful if Draco had a modicum of nerve.”


“As everyone but Harry knows, Draco is smitten with Harry –“

“What?! You have got to be having me on! Malfoy?”

Hermione looked irritated. “As everyone but Harry and a few of the more clueless boys know, Draco is smitten with Harry, but he has never bothered tosay so. And Harry is practically in your class when it comes to ignoring hints.”

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