Cinnamon “Windfallen” (R)

11 Aug

Cinnamon’s fics are not known for their happy endings. In fact, they are so very precious exactly for the tragic touches that the author spins throughout the entire story. This fic is a gem, and personally I consider it better than most of the books I’ve actually paid for. But consider yourselves warned when I tell you to keep a box of tissues at hand. This is the kind of story that can make you feel like crying for days afterwards, but it is so profound that it is well worth the risk. Harry and Draco are not meant to be in love, they are simply meant to be, and it doesn’t even matter if the feeling is called hate or love. But to save the world, one must break the other and in turn shatter both their worlds. Because true heroes are the ones that give up everything until there is nothing left to give.

 Summary: A new Unforgivable is spreading like wildfire and only Harry Potter is immune to its power, and only he can soothe its effects. When Draco is hit by the curse and left for dead by his own side, a misguided sense of duty compels Harry to care for him, and in doing so, he learns more than he ever thought possible about nightmares, hatred, love, and above all, the true nature of forgiveness. Harry/Draco, semi-consensual Charlie/Harry, Ginny/Lucius, and Ron/Ginny. Post-Hogwarts, post OotP, and very dark. 

Find it at: Schnoogle or PureMagnetism

Excerpt: There was a tense and nervous silence, and then, “No.

But blood was running, in trickles and pools that soaked into the cracks and fissures of the dark stone, and the only sound was the flickering of flames in the hearth. The halo from the flames was no longer angelic, because it was tinged with red. Still, it cast a hazy light over Draco’s body, almost disguising the blood. Draco had fallen on his side, the wounded part of his head against the floor, and Harry could not see how much damage had been done. Still, Draco did not seem to be breathing or moving or even living any longer.

“No,” Harry said again, but there was no one there to deny it with him and make it true. And then, in a snarl, “I’ll follow you.”

He picked up Hermione’s gun and held it to his temple, his hand shaking, his eyes squeezed shut. He breathed through his nose carefully and his finger trembled on the trigger.

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